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During times of crisis, celebration, and mourning, crucial information about our community comes from local reporters and writers. LGBTQ San Diego County News needs your help and support in order to continue printing.

Access to high quality information is essential. Especially local information, and especially now.

What’s happening in our communities? How are our local leaders responding? For answers to these questions, we rely on the hard work of our local journalists and writers. As a result, readership of our newspaper has reached record highs. But due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and uncertain economic times, most local news publications are losing money, fast. Advertising has plummeted during these ongoing crises and readers aren’t subscribing fast enough to fill the void. And just as our society faces numerous, urgent challenges, thousands of local reporters being laid off – including with many LGBTQ+ publications – across the state and nation.

LGBTQ+ Americans are under attack. Our community is the target of legislative bills seeking to ban or restrict gender-affirming health care for transgender youth, LGBTQ+ history, public displays of the Rainbow Pride Flag, access to medical care, access to bathrooms, drag shows, and more. Violent attacks against our businesses, including gun violence, is happening, including here in San Diego. Thousands of people – including our neighbors, friends, and family – are in danger of losing access to the authoritative local information they need to stay informed.

That’s why as publisher, I am working with a local team of dedicated writers, graphic designers, photographers, printers, and small businesses, to build a strong future for local LGBTQ+ journalism. It’s why you now see local businesses and nonprofits with a renewed interest in our advertising packages. They understand that the state of democracy and civic engagement only works with informed communities. And they understand that help needs to come from many sources, including civic leaders, local businesses, local and national foundations, and our community members themselves. But those actions aren’t enough.

Please consider supporting LGBTQ San Diego County News. We are one of just five California-based LGBTQ+ newspapers that are still in print. Donate. Subscribe. And if you have a business that’s able to, please advertise with us. Your support is critical to sustaining the dedicated journalists serving our communities.

Our local LGBTQ+ newspaper helps keep us safer. We keep an eye on city hall, on corruption, and shady business practices. Together we can ensure our local news is covered for years to come.

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